The Diary of Anne Frank


Biography of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929. She was a Jew when the holocaust was going on. She moved from Germany to Amsterdam and then went into hiding at her father's company. She to love to write in her diary. She was very talkative. Her family ended up getting chaught by the green police.
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In The Diary of Anne Frank another theme is courage having courage makes you feel amazing. In an example of this theme is when Mr. Frank goes down stairs to check what happened when someone broke in and stole a couple of things when come back up they are all scared "have we lost al faith? all courage?... We are alive, safe." (408) In another example they had courage to walk to the secret annex with a bunch they had to wear all those clothes because they thought they would get got a look suspicious. "Mr. Frank tells the Vann Dans there were to many of the Green Police on the streets... We had to take the long way around"(373).
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Anne Frank's dairy

An object that represent Anne would be her diary. So she writes thought out the play. It's important to her because she can write how she feels her ideas because she can't explain how she feels because she afraid they won't listen to her.