Tuning the Body, Mind and Spirit

YOGATONICS Tonight, 6:00-7:00

Dear Yogatonics students,

Tonight is the 6th and final class in this series. As we follow the signs of the zodiac, we'll be looking at Mercury-ruled Virgo, which corresponds to the intestines (small and large). The function of the small intestine is to sort what's nourishing from that which is waste. The large intestine's function is to "let go." Each organ and its function has an emotional component, and this is important to look at as we enter our yoga practice.

How many times have we continued to "chew" on things and wind up choking in the process? Decide what is right and nourishing for you and your life, and let the rest go.

See you tonight!

Hope you can join us for the next series starting on Thursday, June 6th, as we finish our look at the zodiac and its correspondence to the body's physical and emotional function. Students should register ahead of time by contacting Jennifer at 814.422.3177 or email

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For more information on this yoga class or acutonics sessions, please contact Jennifer at 814.422.3177.