Roald Dahl

By Ella Call

Early Life

Roald Dahl was born September 13, 1916 in Wales to Norwegian parents. He spent most of his early years of his life in Llandaff. In 1918 his younger sister was born and they moved to Raydr. He began school in 1920 shortly after his Father and older sister died. He attended school at St. Peters in Wales. When Roald finished school he began working for Shell oil in 1939 and soon joins the air force. His first short story was published In 1946.

Later Life

When he got in a plane crash and couldn't fly anymore he started focusing more on his writing. When he was 37 he was married to his wife Patricia Neal in New York. One year later his first duater Olivia was born. His next daughter Tessa was born in 1957, and his son Theo in 1960. The 60's were an important part of his life and many important things happened in this time. In 1961 his oldest daughter died and he began working on one of his most famous works Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was soon published in 1964. Then the Magic Finger in 1966. Fantastic Mr. Fox was written in 1970 and many other children books beyond that. He passed away in 1990 at age 73
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Georges Marvelous medicine

Georges Marvelous Medicine is personally one of my favorite Roald Dahl books for so many reasons. It is super funny and not boring at all. It is about how Georges Grandma tries to scare him about things like shes a witch and eats insects. This scares him and he wants to make a medicine for her. He takes every ingredient that you would not expect to be in medicine such as car oil, toothpaste, horseradish and other strange things. When he gives this marvelous medicine to his grandma she blows up into a large balloon and starts growing taller and taller and grows through the roof! George tries this medicine on his fathers prized chickens and you can guess what happens next! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good and hilarious story.
Roald Dahl: From Books To Film