Early Learning Preschool

Week 16

6 Ways to Help Your Preschooler Connect With Other Kids

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Many kids are starting to form their first real friendships in preschool. But others don't seem to know how. Here are ways to help your preschooler through the process of making friends.

1. Identify potential friends.

Ask your child about who she spends time with at school or at other activities. Listen not only then, but also when she’s talking about her day in general. Does she talk about Jess with admiration? Does Allie seem to get on her nerves?

When you pick your child up from preschool, keep an eye out to see how she interacts with the kids she’s mentioned. If it looks like a good match, ask her if she’d like to invite one of them over for a short playdate.

2. Talk about different types of friendship.

Even preschoolers might think every friend has to be a BFF. But you can help your child understand there are different kinds of friends. Talk about how there are kids she plays with at school and ones she plays with outside of school. Ask which ones like the same things she does and if there’s one she likes best.

Encourage her to identify which kids are which types of friend. If she wants to see if a “school friend” can be a closer friend, tell her you’ll help her set up a playdate.

3. Help your child recognize a good friend.

Some young kids don’t think about who they choose as a friend, but rather who might choose them. Explore with your child what she thinks makes someone a good friend. If that’s too complex a concept, ask her who she thinks is a good friend. What is it about that person she likes?

Prompt your child to think about traits, like generosity (“Does she share with other kids?”) or things they have in common (“Does she tell knock-knock jokes, too?”).

4. Talk often and openly about values.

Starting conversations about values early can make it easier to keep talking about them as your preschooler gets older. That doesn’t mean telling your child what you think is wrong or right. It means talking about things that are important to you.

For example, you may want talk about the importance of being dependable, helpful to others or able to trust that someone is telling the truth. In the long run, having a sense of values can help your child see when a potential friend may not be a good match.

5. Practice playdate skills.

Skills like sharing, knowing how to talk to another child and avoiding being bossy don’t come naturally to preschoolers. It can be even harder for kids who have trouble reading social cues or who struggle with communication. Find fun ways to practice these skills. And be honest with your child: Tell her you’re doing this to help her learn ways to be a good friend.

6. Plan playdates carefully.

Hosting playdates can be a lot of work, but it gives you a real-time chance to help your child successfully connect with other kids. Plan carefully to help maximize your child’s success. If your child doesn’t do well with open-ended activities, help her pick an activity ahead of time.

Keep initial playdates short and listen not only to the words the kids are saying, but to the feelings they’re expressing. Intervene if things get aggressive, but try to let your child work through minor conflicts that come up.

By Amanda Morin
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November Healthy Heroes

We are SO proud of our November Healthy Heroes!

Ms. Cathy's Class

Ethan Salloum & Cam Scianna

Ms. Lynne's Class

Eve Salloum

Ms. Karen's Class

Max Slogar

Ms. Melissa's Class

Saanvi Maindalk

All received a certificate and a High 5 Ribbon!

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National Believe Day!

Please join us Friday December 6th from 11am - 2pm at Macy's SouthPark Center for National Believe Day!

Holiday Storytelling, Sing-Along, Crafts.Cards to Santa can be written! Macy's will DOUBLE their donation to the Make A WIsh Foundation for all cards filled out during National Believe Day!

Snacks will be provided!

Please RSVP by December 3rd to Mary Jo at (440) 846-7000 x1521

All age groups are welcome!

Parent Education Series - JOIN US AT 10 AM TODAY!

The video recordings for our parent education series are now located on our website!

To view, head to www.strongnet.org, click on 'Our Schools,' then click on 'Early Learning Preschool.' You will see a green link on the right titled, "First Friday Presentations." This is where our videos are located!

Please contact us if you cannot access the videos so we can help!

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PTA Holiday Shop

SELP Holiday Shop will occur December 9 and 10 at Chapman and December 11 and 12 at Lunn. A form was sent home with your student this week with more info. We also need parent helpers to assist the preschoolers as they shop. If you are available to help with any of the morning or afternoon sessions at either location, please contact Danielle at danielle.filipkowski@gmail.com or sign up here!

Chapman students will shop on December 10th during class time! If you can help, please contact Danielle at danielle.filipkowski@gmail.com.

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PTA Frozen 2 Movie Event TOMORROW

We will be having a movie event to watch Frozen 2 for the preschool families! Movie will be starting at 11am and we will have a few tables in the lobby at 10am to make some Frozen themed crafts! Tickets will be $6.50 per person. Non refundable. You may have an infant sit on your lap without a ticket but if they will need a seat please buy a ticket. Ticket money will be due in exact cash or check made out to SELP PTA. Due by November 12th.
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PTA Meeting

Join the Early Learning Preschool PTA TONIGHT at McDonald's on 14615 Pearl Road. This meeting will finalize details for our Santa Shop and other end of the year activities. Feel free to bring your kids to play in the play area!
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Please join the PTA! Sign-up forms are also on the PTA bulletin board in the lobby!