First Aid Safety for Adults

Tips and Info About Adult First aid and CPR

If an Adult Appears to be Unconcious.....

1) Check for responsiveness - try asking them if they're okay

2) If they don't respond, call 911 immediately

3) Open their airway by tilting their head back

4) Check for breathing or lack thereof

5) Check for severe bleeding

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If an Adult is Conciously Choking.....

1) Give 5 back blows by hitting them between their shoulder blades with the palm of your hand

2) Thrust your fist upwards into their abdominal 5 times

3) Continue step 2 until the object is out of their airway, they are able to cough, or they are unconcious

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If an Adult is Choking While Unconsious.....

1) Give rescue breaths

2) Give 30 chest compressions

3) Look for and remove the object if you can see it

4) Give 2 more rescue breaths

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Other Tips and Information.....

-When employing an AED, make sure everyone stands clear

-Apply pressure to an external bleeding wound

-After a burn has been cooled, cover with sterile clothing or dressing

-Minimize movement of a head or neck injury

-When evaluating if someone is suffering from a stroke, think F.A.S.T.

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