Bugella's Weekly News

John Powers Center

Week of Jan. 4, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hope you all had a relaxing and fulfilling Winter break. Happy New Year!! Wishing you all the best in 2016.

What Is Happening This Week?

Monday (Jan 4)

:) Welcome Back!

Tuesday (Jan 5)

O'Rourke IEP Meeting 2:20pm

Wednesday (Jan 6)

Hearing and Vision Screening LASSO

White Team Meeting 8:00am

Middle School IEP 10:45am

Thursday (Jan 7)

O'Rourke Team Meeting 8:00am

Friday (Jan 8)

MSN Advisory Schedule

Terri's Out of the Building Schedule

Mon., Jan 4- Powers All Day

Tues., Jan 5- SEDOL in morning to Powers

Wed., Jan 6 - Powers All Day

Thurs., Jan 7 - Powers All Da

Fri., Jan 8 -Powers All Day