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The short story WWJD tells of a girl named Suzy who moves from California to Wisconsin to live her with aunt. Therefore, she starts at a new school. Suzy is surrounded by sin, like Jesus was. While at her new school, Suzy gets taunted and bullied by Eddie and his friends. Instead of retaliating against Eddie, Suzy asks herself WWJD? Which means What would Jesus do. No matter how hard Suzy tries to get through to Eddie, nothing seems to be working. So when Eddie finally gets a taste of his own medicine, Suzy considers the fact that not even Jesus could save everyone and after all, she is only human.

(page 161)

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The exposition of this story is that Suzy overcomes Eddie's ways by living by one rule: WWJD (page 145)

Rising Action:

The rising action is Eddie is doing everything he can to get Suzy to retaliate against him. Another rising action is that Eddie flicks his cigarette butt at Suzy's face and blisters her, and she doesn't do anything about it. (page 149)


The climax is when Suzy gets on the frozen river and stands in the middle, and invites Eddie to come on the ice with her. With Eddie being heavier than Suzy, Eddie crashes through the frozen river and stays above the water with only his elbows left on the ice. (Page 161)

Falling Action:

The falling action is when Eddie is still struggling in the water, Suzy sits in reaching distance of him wondering what she should do.. Should she save him? Should she throw him her scarf and drag him out? Or should she leave him there and teach him a lesson.. (Page 161)


There is no resolution in WWJD.. The story ends with Eddie still in the water and Suzy deciding what she should do and what Jesus would do in this situation.


The setting is at River Forks High School in central Wisconsin, and the year is 2001.

(page 146)



Suzy is a flat, static character. Suzy is a flat and also static character because she stays the same during the story. Her goal throughout the whole passage is to live her life like Jesus.


Eddie is a round, static character. Eddie is round because he has many traits. He is mean, angry, and hateful all in one. Eddie is a static character because he's mean towards Suzy the whole story.

Despite the fact that there were more characters than just Suzy and Eddie, these were the only two that could be classified as flat, round, static, or dynamic.


An internal conflict in WWJD would be Suzy struggling to stay Godly and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Sometimes it's hard to be nice to someone who is being so hateful towards you.

There is no conflict resolution for this conflict, because it's an ongoing task to stay Godly towards everyone.

An external conflict is Eddie taunting Suzy everyday at school.

The conflict resolution is that Eddie got what he deserved for being so hateful towards Suzy.


The theme of WWJD is "You get what you deserve, nothing more, nothing less."

The reason we picked this to be the theme, is because at the end of the story, Eddie gets what he deserves for picking on Suzy everyday. Eddie tells Suzy to go stand on the frozen river, and she does so. When she tells Eddie to, he falls through and gets trapped in the freezing river. He got what he deserved in the end.


The tone of this story is reflective and educational. It's reflective because at the end, Eddie got a taste of his own medicine.

It's also educational because Suzy teaches us that even when the going gets tough, its never too tough. She never let Eddie and his friends bring her down.


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