Staff Development Day

Dundurrabin Public School

The New English Syllabus and more.....

Are you excited by change or something new? You will enjoy learning about the potential that the new curriculum has for positive change in the way that we teach and program English. Perhaps you are hesitant, but there is plenty of time and support to make sure that all teachers are ready for 2014 and teaching the new English syllabus. Take on the challenge and move our students forward in line with the national curriculum.

Staff Development Day

Monday, April 29th 2013 at 9am-3:30pm

70 Mount Street

Dundurrabin, NSW

Bring a plate to share, salad will be supplied from the garden.

Look forward to your attendance.

9.00am New English Syllabus - online course

11.00am Morning Tea

11.30am New English Syllabus - continued

1.00pm Lunch

1.45pm Budget, Cashflow, temporary engagement forms, sign on book, bus plan, duty roster + lots more