Walnut Creek School District

Governing Board Meeting Summary for 19th September 2022

Governing Board Members

  • Aimee Moss, Board President - present
  • Zetta Reicker, Board Clerk - present
  • Heidi Hernandz-Gatty, Trustee - present
  • Nithin Iyengar, Trustee - absent
  • Sara Talach, Trustee - present
  • Marie Morgan, Superintendent - present

The Board held the following Public Hearing, providing members of the public opportunity to provide comment:

  • Sufficiency of Textbooks and Instructional Materials


The Board approved the following consent items:

  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes - 22nd August 2022
  • June-August 2022 Warrants
  • 2022-2023 Salary Schedule
  • WCSD Child Nutrition Services Periodic Certification
  • Personnel Consent Items
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The Board heard the following discussion & information items:

  • Principal Jason Law, along with teachers Karen Worthington, Brendan Hurd, and Jessica Rice, presented highlights of Walnut Creek Intermediate's Advisory Program for 2022-2023.
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The Board voted on the following recommended action items:

  • Jan Rogenski, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, presented a recommendation to approve the Certification of Instructional Materials. Approved, 4-0
  • Ms. Rogenski requested approval of Resolution 22-23-02 Determination of Sufficiency of Textbooks & Instructional Materials. Approved, 4-0
  • Vince Morales, Chief Business Official, presented the Unaudited Actual Financial Reports for the 2021-2022 school year. This report allows the Board to certify that the books have closed appropriately. Approved, 4-0
  • Mr. Morales requested approval of Resolution 22-23-03 GANN Appropriation Limit. This is the annual certification that District spending does not exceed the constitutional limit under Prop 4, GANN Limit. Approved, 4-0
  • The Governing Board took under consideration extending Superintendent Morgan's current contract to June 30, 2025, as well as amending the contract to include a 5% one-time bonus for the 2022-2023 school year. Approved, 4-0
  • Nominations for California State Board Association Directors-at-Large, Asian/Pacific Islander and Hispanic are being accepted through 9/30/22. The Governing Board reviewed this for applicability and no action was taken.


Governing Board members reported the following activities since our last Board meeting:

  • Sarah Talach: attended Back-to-School night at Buena Vista; will attend WCEF meeting.
  • Heidi Hernandez-Gatty: attended Back-to-School night at Indian Valley & WCI; participated in the District Safety Committee meeting.
  • Zetta Reicker: attended Back-to-School night at Tice Creek; participated in the Community Partnership Council meeting; as a Superintendent Contract subcommittee, along with Aimee, met with Superintendent Morgan.
  • Aimee Moss: attended Back-to-School night at Walnut Creek Intermediate, Murwood, and Walnut Heights; participated in a call with District auditors; attended the LTCC Presidents' meeting; as a Superintendent Contract subcommittee, Aimme & Zetta met with Superintendent Morgan; visited Walnut Heights for a community meeting.
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3-7th Parent/Teacher Conferences, Elementary & Tice Creek

3-4th MINIMUM DAYS, Elementary & Tice Creek

6th MINIMUM DAY, Elementary & Tice Creek

7th MINIMUM DAY, All Schools

7th End 1st Quarter, Walnut Creek Intermediate

17th Governing Board Meeting, DO, 6pm

27th WCEF Meeting, 7pm

31st NO SCHOOL - Staff Development Day


4th MINIMUM DAY, Elementary & Tice Creek

4th End 1st Trimester, Elementary & Tice Creek

8th Election Day

11th NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day

14th Governing Board Meeting, DO, 6pm

17th WCEF Meeting, 7pm

21-25th NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break


12th Governing Board Meeting, DO, 6pm

15th WCEF Meeting, 7pm

16th End 2nd Quarter, Walnut Creek Intermediate

16th MINIMUM DAY, All Schools

19-31st NO SCHOOL - Winter Break


1-2nd NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

Looking for more information?

Follow this BoardDocs link to access Governing Board agendas and supporting documents, as well as approved Board meeting minutes.