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Patterson Grant: Please help

Please take a second to guide Leslie and I with the writing of the James Patterson grant. The grant asks for a great idea that we would like to implement in the library. We would love input from staff. Here is the link to filling out a survey: Patterson Partnership Grant Survey . We've only had two responses so far.

What in the world is this?

It's a typewriter! Students have gotten a real kick out of getting to type on it and figure out what it can and cannot do. Their minds were blown when they realized that there was no delete button. I've enjoyed letting them play with it and watching them begin to understand how far technology has really come.
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Changing how we present

A personal pet peeve of mine is having a presenter read to me from the slides that they are presenting, especially when they give me slide handouts that I can read in the first five minutes of their presentation. I don't know if anyone else has experienced that recently.... That is why I really enjoyed the concept of this video, where the slides are providing both the listener and the presenter a way of getting more out of the presentation.
Introducing Slides Q&A: A new way to talk with your audience—not at them

End of the Year

Just a friendly reminder. The raffle posters will be on display beginning May 16.
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