Desprate measures for people in MD

Near bankruptcy, business owners are moving west

After Britain started enforcing the navigation act and the stamp act, businesses are starting to lose profit!

Business owners have to increase prices due to the decrease of goods from non British colonies and the high taxes on merchandises

Now after parliament passed the sugar act which made the price of sugar and molasses more expensive. People started to think about going pass the proclamation line and begin a new life.

Here is a tavern owner in Annapolis named caleb who thought about starting a new life after he almost files bankruptcy

Hi my name is Caleb and this is my tavern in Annapolis. Years before the French and Indian war you will see that my tavern had many people in it ,but back then I was making profit. At the time I didn't hate Britain I actually loved them, I got the supplies when I needed it and at a reasonable price. Some of my goods came from non British colonies, it was cheaper and no one was enforcing it and everyone did it so I thought it was ok . But after the war Britain became a monster and started sending soldiers to enforce the navigation acts, there is so many British soldiers at every port that i started to feel like I am being watched. The guards used to be more lenient, now I can't get the less expensive goods from the non British colonies that I used to be getting before. Britain started adding a bunch of laws and acts. Everything from taxing stamps on newspaper to saying who you can or cannot to trade with. If we don't listen they start taking our trader's ships away and make us lose our profit. I mean they have a law that we have to let the soldiers live in our homes without our permission. Also the triangle trade the British gov made up doesn't even work. It doesn't get enough supplies to the colonies. Since we are just limited to the British colonies in the world they should let us trade with whomever we want when we will have more supplies.The law that is the worst of all is the sugar act, that is what is going to put me out of business. It lets the British gov tax much more on sugar and molasses. Now how am I going to make rum at my tavern. I had to make a price increase just because I couldn't afford it and now people stopped coming because it is too expensive. My brother Mark lost his common goods store in Boston because of the taxes. He was out of money and couldn't support his family. So he took his family and crossed the proclamation line saying to me that he would start a new life in the west, I'm starting to think I should do that too. Well that's all I have to say tell me if anyone agrees.