The Great and Powerful Paul Revere

Andrew A.

Early life

Paul Revere is splendid because he did a lot of things in his early life. As a young boy Revere worked as a silversmith with his dad. He also worked as a political cartoonist, and, a messenger. He carried messenges to the colonies about the Britsh unfair treatment. Revere showed a lot dilingence in his early life.


Paul Revere is famous in many ways. Revere worned the patriots that the Britsh were coming to the colonies. Another reoson was he helped the patriots win the Relvanutionary War.The last reson was there are alot of historial features about Paul Revere.Paul Revere is famous in many ways.

Rembering Paul Revere

Revere was an inspiation to all Americans. He showed diligence because he had many jobs and he was a hard working man. Paul Revere showed bravery by worning the Patriots that the britsh were coming to the colonies.Plus he had to have the courage to know that he could get cought by the britsh. Rever showed liberty because he joined the Revalotionary War to fight for our freedom. Paul Revere is my American hero.
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