English Language Arts Dispatch

March 2015

ELA Promising Practices in Action

In January’s Zone Meetings, teachers presented Promising Practices. Thank you to all participants. Teachers felt inspired and were reminded of the internal expertise and professionalism of Sweetwater educators.
Curriculum Feedback Survey

Complete as a PLC or individually. In an effort to align Written, Taught and Tested Curriculum, we are seeking input about PLCs' quarterly instructional plans. This information will be used to develop and revise grade-level Instructional Guides.

Teaching Resources

ELA Updates


Performance Tasks from March 2, 2015 to June 4, 2015. The last day to input scores in Data Director will be June 4, 2015. All Performance Tasks and teacher directions are posted in CANVAS under our course “R&E Performance Tasks.” Please send Research and Evaluation an e-mail to request access to this course if you cannot view it on your CANVAS page.

This semester all the district Performance Tasks have a theme of water issues. Here teachers will find some water-related resources to use before or after they administer the PTs.

Below is the Performance Task Matrix for Semester 2 to upload student’s scores in Data Director:

ELA 7, 39594

ELA 8, 39595

ELA 9, 39596

ELA 10, 39597

ELA 11, 39598

ELA 12, 39601

Read 180 7 Fund, 39603

Read 180 8 Fund, 39604

Read 180 9 Fund, 29605

ELA 10 Fund, 39600

ELA 11 Fund, 39601

ELA 12 Fund, 39602

For the upcoming SBAC ELA Performance Task, there is a classroom activity. Attached is the assigned task list by school and grade. You can download the classroom activities here.

SBAC Practice and Training Tests

To access the SBAC training and practices tests. Click this link and follow the directions below. No login required.

· Disregard data fields and click “Sign in”.

· Select your grade from pull down menu and click “yes”.

· Select “ELA HS Training Test” and click “yes”.

· On the next page “Settings,” select what you desire from pull downs.

· Is this your test? Click “Yes start my test”.

· Testing Instructions: “Begin testing now”.

Avid Summer Institute

• June 17-19th (Town & Country)

• August 3rd – 4th (Downton SD)

ELA Strands

Registration cost is $699, if done by May.


Final Exams

A group of teachers has been working on revising this semesters’ final exams. To accommodate early deadlines for seniors and to allow teachers time to score alternate item types, this semester’s final exam window is May 22-June 4. All exams will include one constructed-response, teacher-scored item. This portion of the exam may be given prior to the rest of the exam. This semester’s finals will be scored in Data Director (not Illuminate). We will begin using Illuminate for assessment development and implementation beginning in July, 2015. Seniors will take final exams this year. There will be an opportunity, after spring break, for interested teachers to view final at the district office after school for a week.

ELA Curriculum Team


District ELA Curriculum Specialist, Contact for Zones: 1A, 2B, 3B, 4A

Rhea Faldoenea-Walker

District ELA Curriculum Specialist, Contact for Zones: 1B, 2A, 3A, 4B

Gina Vattuone

SpEd ELA and Read180

Michelle Sturm-Gonzalez

English Learner Programs Instructional Specialist: SEI/BIL/DL

Rebecca Robinson

ELD Curriculum & Instructional Specialist

Lisa Burgess

Lead Curriculum Specialist

Katrine Czajkowski