All about me!

By: Adrianne Miller

Some things about me!

I love to sing. I like alot of types of music, hiphop, rap, screamo, dubstep, and country.

I also like to play guitar, piano, flute, and drums. Music is a major part of my life.

Anouther thing is that I like to do is hangout with my friends, alot of them support my band called LoveStruck.

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some things my friends said about me.

Beautiful in several different ways, funny, kind, caring, and crazy!

My favorite foods.

Skittles, monster, vanilla ice cream, tacos, cookies, jello, lima beans, broccoli, baked chicken, etc...

My favorite bands!

I have a lot of favorites so here's a few! Fall out boys, botdf, Falling in reverse, black veil brides, patd, afi, maroon5, asking alexandrea, and many more!!!


Sometimes things get hard, and you relize how easy it was before and when you relize you can try and do the best you strive to make it stay longer and easier! But sometimes I just want to be free so i am saying pretty soon when Im no longer around it means... Im free!!!!!!

Thats all about me!