Stella & Dot on the TODAY SHOW

Thursday, December 10th around 8am ET!!!

Dear 1st Impressions Team,

This is such incredible news!!! Our Stella & Dot Today Show segment airing tomorrow will bring


This type of media has been known to bring on an ENORMOUS wave of business for all. Time to get prepared!!! This may even hit the waves internationally! Here's my plan...

1. Post on my Social Media Outlets RIGHT NOW!

Words to say:

TUNE IN tomorrow morning around 8am/ET (12/10) as Stella & Dot will be featured on The Today Show! See why I LOVE what I do so much! # SDJoy

2. Personally Warm Up 10+ TODAY (call, email or text)

Words to say:

Hi Susan, As you know I love my Stella & Dot. Such a fun time of year to be able to connect through style and personal service! Stella & Dot is being featured on the Today show Thursday (tomorrow) at X on X NBC? I would love for you to check-us out. I think you will love what you see and hear. I will follow-up with you on Friday to get your feedback. Can’t wait!

3. Follow up with ALL on Friday

Words to say:

Hi Susan. How are you? It was so fun to have S&D featured nationally!!! I sure hope you had a chance to tune in – what did you think? (get feedback). I wanted to share the news of the Today show because I have been thinking of you. You are so ______(fun, stylish you pick the word) and I would love to help you earn some flex income during the holiday season and new year. Let’s get together for a cup of coffee over the weekend to talk more. OR You are so ______(fun, stylish you pick the word) and I would love to help with you and your friends with holiday wardrobe and gifting needs by getting some girlfriends together for a casual, fun holiday trunk show. Our average hostess earns $250 in free and 4 items half off. I have a few dates left (give her two dates) which would work for you?

4. Invite them to your local Meet Stella & Dot!

For our local New England Team, I've set up 2 Meet Stella & Dot Events for you to invite your potential stylists to:

Friday, 12/11 @ Noon-1pm:

Saturday, 12/13 @ 9:30am:

Monday, 12/14 @ 7pm:

If you don't have one near you, set up your own! People will be looking for information so why not be the one who shares it with them?

Time to Get Excited and Share the Wealth! Let's Do This!

Happy Dance!!! xo's,

Carrie McGraw

Star Director & Founding Leader