Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

January 11

Giving our students HOPE for a better tomorrow one skill at a time!

So excited about 2019! We CAN!

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I am reading an amazing book, Culturize by Jimmy Casas. I will be sharing bits and pieces of this book as I read and grow myself.

Culturize: To cultivate a community of learners by behaving in a kind, caring, honest, and compassionate manner in order to challenge and inspire each member of the school community to become more than they ever thought possible.

To culturize our school, Jimmy Casas provides some key areas to address:

  • We must expect all staff to champion for our students. We must begin with the belief that kids can. It is a "moral imperative to advocate for all students until they are ready to experience personal success."
  • Every staff member must expect excellence of one another and of their students. "By not holding all students to a high standard, we are saying we don't believe you are able to learn or act appropriately, or we don't care whether you do."
  • All staff members must carry the banner of their school in a positive light at all times. "By not carrying the banner of our schools in a positive light, we begin to lose our sense of pride, our identity, and our desire to invest in our community."
  • All must strive to be a merchant of hope. "Every child deserves the opportunity to be a part of something great and must find ways to make an impact both individually and collectively."

PBS lesson

The PBS lesson focus this week is Responding to Adults.

Our Second Steps. . .

I have listed below what SHOULD be the next lesson for each grade level. I will leave this the same for the next full week to allow time to review what is needed for PBS.

Kindergarten- We feel feelings in our bodies

1st grade - Identifying your own feelings

2nd grade - Managing Embarrassment

3rd grade - Managing Test Anxiety

4th grade - Calming Down Anger

5th grade - Managing Frustration

Celebrate the Positive!

Positive office referrals in 2019: 10

Character Trait for January is Motivation/Hardworking

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JCPS Difference Maker Recognition

Have a colleague who you would like to see recognized for making a positive difference? Here is the link to complete a nomination.

JCPS Foundation Grants

The Foundation Grants are open and available. What could you do as a team or what could we do as a school with additional funds to support a plan to support literacy? social/emotional skills?

Check out the grant applications to see what is available. Grant applications close January 14th. More details will come soon!

Morning Gym Duty

Jerry Ries

Briana Watson

Maria Reece

Beth Yaeger

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Calendar of Events

Monday, January 14

*PLC team mtg 3:45

Tuesday, January 15

*PTO mtg 6:00

Wednesday, January 16

*Specials Collaboration 7:45 - 8:15

*Earthquake Drill

*Leadership Team mtg 3:45

Thursday, January 17

*Dental Visits

*1st grade literacy training 12 - 3

Friday, January 18

*PD day

Monday, January 21

*No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

Wednesday, January 23

*Staff meeting 3:45 - 4:45 (all staff)

Thursday, January 24

*Principal Mtg 1:00 - 3:30

*Tier 2 mtg 3:45

Friday, January 25

*PBS Assemblies

- 8:30 grades 3-5

- 9:40 grades k-2

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Worth the Read!

See the two great article below about support students. Both are excellent reads!
Weekly Collaboration Log

This is the link to a revised communication log for your team collaboration. The expectation is that your team will complete each week.

Dr. Day's Update

I wanted to share a link and a great resource I learned about this week during a PBIS presentation. One of the best things about this website is that there is information for all levels of learners. I'm including the link to the Tier 1, effective classroom practices, section. You can easily navigate from there to other tiers and pages.

Several of these sections include short videos that are 15 minutes or less. There are activities you can use, powerpoints to deepen your understanding, self-reflection sheets, vignettes, and much much more.

I highly recommend spending some time digging into this site. Making sure we are all implementing PBIS effectively is so important.

I want to thank you all for the great work I've seen since we returned from break. Expectations are high and students are responding! Thank you for making sure that all students are held accountable for following our expectations at Moreau Heights!

Here's the link:

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