Taking Action

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We’ve got to fix this people are smoking. I will compare and contrast smokers and nonsmokers. Smokers they get lung cancer and never obtain again. They also consume more money on cigarettes then on gas for their car in a year. Nonsmokers they just get sick and obtain again. Also they do not consume their money on cigarettes so they can get there tots in good schools. Although they both work hard, and they have tots they are still very different.


Drugs are killing millions of people across the world. because there are siverly harmful chemicals. the chemicals give them pain. people keep discovering new drugs. And that causes people to keep geting deadly diseases, such as malaria, smallpox, mosquito,ddt, flu,cancer, syndrome, and tuberculosis. People forget about their loved ones.So the loved ones feel unwanted. they don’t care about about how it would hartt them and their loved one. So they just go and do more.

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We have a sirius problem people are chewing tobacco. the reason why this is bad is because it can give you mouth cancer, and you will never obtain again.so hereare some ways to stop. Try spitting seeds they are good and they help you stop. Or maybe try challenging yourself. or you might just need to think about your health problems. that is three ways to stop chewing tobacco.


1 essay

  • tots= children

  • consume=spend

2 essay

  • discovering= find something out

  • diseases= sick ex flu

3 essay

  • obtain again= recover

  • cancer= a deadly disease

5 Questions

How many people recover from drugs?

can people recover from smoking?

Is there another way to help you stop chewing tobacco?

How many types of drugs is there?

how many people die from drugs?

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