Save the Owls!

Save Florida's Winged Beauties of the Ground!

Help the Burrowing Owl Today @ 12!

Chuck E. Muckle (E. stands For EVIL), Vice President of Mother Paula's all American Pancake House Incorporated, KNOWS about the Owls, and KNOWS that they're endangered, but STILL wants to Bulldoze their dens, Separate and kill their Families, and all just to Sell some Stupid, Tasteless Flapjacks. Further Recon showed that the EIS went Missing, alongside their Permit and the fact that These Special Owls are endangered and are under some kind of Strict Protection law stating that Regardless of Permissions of the State of Florida, these Owls must not be Tampered with. Just Imagine if a Terrorist and his crew Came to YOUR neighborhood and Bulldozed your house (along with Many Others) and their only Remark was "sorry sir," or "sorry miss," and "It will Be fine, Just forget Your Kids and Let them Die with your Home."

That Essentially is how Chuck and Assotiates are Acting towards the Owls.

Don't be a Sorry Freak and Abandon the Owls! Fight for Them! These poor and Helpless creatures Will only Die in their own Filth if you Don't Help!

Stop Chuck and the Rest of Mother Paula's Today @ the Groundbreaking Cerimony @Noon and Recieve a free t-shirt Saying "I <3 Burrowing Owls!!" plus the Good feeling and Relief of sorrow and Guilt!! Stand with Us and Help put an end to The Tirade of Chuck and Co!


The Owls

Nobody Wants to See these Little guys Hurt!

Owl saviors!

Stand By us!