2015 Year in Review

Sarah Warter

Three Companies That Marketed Themselves The Best

1) Nike marketed themselves very well in 2015. They made a lot of commercials and in them they put famous athletes to get peoples attention. Nike also makes a ton of things so everyone can find something that they like!

2) Alex and Ani is another great company that really got popular in 2015. The bracelets are very simple so you need to have a bunch of them for them to look good. They make charms for each one that have a special meaning behind them. Alex and Ani also started making rings and necklaces that a very pretty and go along with the positive energy theme.

3)Victoria's secret marketed very well in 2015. They make great products that everyone likes and they get a ton of attention for the Victoria's secret fashion show.

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2 Best Products of 2015

1) The apple watch was a very big product in 2015. You can wear it on your wrist but use it like a phone. Many people bought this product and it was very well liked.

2)Another product that was a really good product was bean boots. So many people wear them but one flaw in the company is that they take too long to make so they are very back ordered. These shoes were not new this year but they became popular this year.

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2 Worst Products of 2015

1) Hoverboards at first were very popular until a flaw came out that said that they have the possibility of blowing up. People still buy them but they are not very safe.

2) Lays potato do us a flavor challenge did not work out as they had hoped. The initial idea of letting the consumers pick the flavors was good but the actual chips did not taste good at all. Flavors like bacon mac and cheese and cappuccino just don't sound appealing.

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Top 2 Movies of 2015

1) Star Wars was a huge movie that came out in 2015. They marketed by selling toys and putting ads all over the tv. Since there was such a big gap between the new movie and the older movie, people were crazy about seeing it.

2) Another big movie in 2015 was Creed. This movie was cool because it was kind of a sequel to the Rocky movies. This movie had ads on tv and on signs.

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Top 2 Musical Artists of 2015

1) Justin Bieber with his new album called purpose. This album had a few songs on it that became very popular like what do you mean and sorry. People fell in love with this album and listened to his music all the time. He marketed by playing his song on the radio and ads on tv.

2) Adele had a very big album this year as well called 25. Songs like hello were listened to all the time. She also announced that she is going on a huge tour all over. Her song was played on the radio all the time and people loved it.

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2015 Top Ten List

Best Songs of 2015

1)See You Again- Wiz Khalipha

2)Hello- Adele

3)Love Me Like You Do- Elle Goulding

4)Elastic Heart- Sia

5)Gold- Imagine Dragons

Source: http://www.thetoptens.com/2015-songs/

New Years Resolutions

Personal Improvement: I want to workout more this year and get more fit.

Family and Friends: I want to make more friends and have a huge group of people to hang out with.

School and Outside World: I want to get better grades in all my classes and try to get straight A`s.