5 Must Follow I.T. Rules

Follow these Rules! Or else.......................

Never Share Passwords or Personal Information . . . . . . . even to someone you trust

This can result in someone going into your account and pretending to be you. They could send rude messages to your best friend and you could get in trouble! That is totally unaccounted for!

Please Do Not Publish Web Pages or Media that Represents School Staff, Students, or Anyone Else

How would you feel if someone set up a web page saying they were you and posted something that was against what you believed in? Totally wrong , right!?!? Then why would you do such a thing? Just think about it.

Report inappropriate behaviour or problems with the system as soon as possible

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Technology gives us great power, but with great power comes great responsibility.

School Technology Systems are Not Private or Confidential

The school staff can always monitor, access, or remove user files, so be careful when you are on your school computer!

The School is not Responsible for Personal Charges, Damage, or Loss of Information

If you bring something to school, you're responsible for it. Whether you lose a device, or a friend damages it, deal with it or don't bring your device to school!

Computer Lab Rules - Mr. Gemici's Technology Class