Advanced Edmodo

What else can Edmodo do for my classroom

Filter/Search Posts

You can search/filter posts by:

1. Use the “Search” bar by typing in keywords you are looking for.

2. Select the filter option from the menu on the top right of your Edmodo homepage.

3. Filter postings to display on your discussion panel from the left side of your page.

Gamify Edmodo with Badges

Badges enable teachers to provide recognition to students for their achievements. Teachers can choose to award a student with an Edmodo created badge, or create their own custom badges

1. Select the “New Badge” option from the left panel.

2. Provide a title for the badge and a description.

3. Select the upload button to provide an image for the badge.

4. Select “Create Badge”

Folders/Sharing Folders

To help stay organized, you can place your library content into folders. To create a folder:

1. Select the “New” folder icon from the left panel of your Library (next to the “Folders”


2. A pop-up window will appear where you can name your folder and select which

groups (if any) you want to share the folder with.

3. Select “Create” and your folder will appear on the left panel

2. A drop down menu will appear where you can select the folders you want to add that

item to.

3. Click apply to save your changes. Note: You can select multiple library items to move

them at the same time.

4. Once the items have been added to the folder, you can select the

folder from the left panel and drag and drop library items to

organize them within the folder.

5. Mark any library items as favorite by adding it to your

“Favorites” folder. Any item saved to the Favorites folder, will

also appear in the “Favorites” tab of your Teacher Profile page.

Once you’ve created your folders, you can also share them with any of your groups.

1. Select the folder you want to share and on the right panel you will see the “folder

sharing” option.

2. Select the group(s) you want to share with and the folder will immediately be shared.

3. When a folder has been shared with a specific group, it will

appear on the right panel of the group’s page under the

Members section. Note: Only the creator of the folder

can add to/edit the contents of the folder. Group

members can view and download any files, but not edit or



Edmodo has released a new feature called Snapshot which allows teachers to address Common Core standards in their quizzes. To set up Snapshot, just click on "Snapshot" icon from within your account and select the class you are working with. Pick the grade level and then choose the content area of the common core standard you want to address ( Math or ELA ). Snapshot will automatically generate a set of questions which you can customize as you like. You can click on any specific standard listed on the left column to generate questions that align with it. Each student will get a slightly different set of questions. Snapshot also allows you to get real time data from your students when they finish working on their quiz. You will be able to see how many students completed it, the different standards addressed, and the number of questions answered.

Connection with Teachers/Communities

Teachers can build their individual professional learning communities by networking and

making new connections through Edmodo.

Edmodo offers a number of communities you can join based upon your subject area interests and your curriculum of choice. These communities are a great place to ask questions, get advice, exchange ideas and share resources. You can find a full listing of Edmodo Communities at or by scrolling down to the bottom of any Edmodo page and clicking on the “Communities” link in the footer.

Apps in Edmodo

Edmodo is delighted to now offer apps from a wide community of apps publishers in order to enrich the educational experience for students. Edmodo’s third-party apps cover everything from biology to poetry, grammar to fractions and more. Whether you’re looking for common core aligned games or a classroom management tool, you can discover a wide range of modular, curated apps designed to amplify your lesson plans.