Tennessee's Young Educators at Heart- Issue4

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Is that you? Have you been approached with a decision where more than three generations are being represented in the room? (Keeping in mind that most of our students are in a new generation as well)

Know about our generation to better navigate our profession.

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Utilize THOSE characteristics that we have and......

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Civication for ALL Municipal Teachers

Tuesday, March 17th, 8am

Capitol Hill, Nashville, TN, United States

Nashville, TN

Join us on your Spring Break for a Civication.


  • Allow yourself the opportunity to understand the education platform that TEA is using at Capitol Hill during the 2015 legislative session.
  • Be a part of the experience sitting in on Education Committee meetings while they discuss, vote and determine our professional expectations.
  • Have the opportunity to sit with your legislators and share the passion we all have for students and our schools.

TEA will cover mileage to Nashville on Monday the 16th, pay for your hotel to stay and then shuttle you to Capitol Hill on Tuesday morning after a briefing at TEA headquarter.

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Does this sound like you??

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