Minutes from In-Service

March 3, 2013

First Question- Questioning strategies

Minutes from In-service

1 – Questioning strategies-

· What was the best question you asked this week?

· What made it a good question?

· What was the student response?

Teacher responses-

Todd- What makes a person a Hero vs. someone who is famous?

Holly- What strategies can you use to help manage stress over spring break?

Marina- If you were the father penguin, what would be the first thing you would say to the returning mother?

Christine- What will happen when the snow melts?

Jeanette- What will happen in the story based on the title?

Sharon- How would you capture a leprechaun?

Shonia- How will you classify this rock?

John- If Sherpa Tenzing were alive today, what do you think he would say about how history recorded the Everest expedition with Sir Edmund Hillary?

Dave- What kind of clouds would pilots like the most?

Dianne- Why do you think we give homework?

JoEllen- If you were Harry Potter, what would you have done to make his situation better?

Katie- Which ones were the bad guys?

Lori- How did the boys feel about each other and how can you tell?

Amanda/Virginia - What language would the Statue of Liberty speak and what would she say?

Virginia- Why do other countries use the metric system?

Cynthia- If you were in this (in story) situation, how would you solve the problem?

Mike- Whose responsibility is it to not be bored?

What made these good questions? Answers varied:

Common- Low level questions are important in building knowledge and provide data for re-teaching .

High level questions allow student to personally connect, self- reflect, have varied answers, look deep, confer with others, analyze

Big Picture

A harder question

Second Question-

Big picture question:

What events, Global, National, State, Local, do you see that we should be preparing to adapt to this coming year? Three years?

Increase in social dependency.

If we are going to understand this we need to understand how it began. Before I could ask the question, “ Do you believe you are a change agent?” Staff began to answer, we can… (and submitted possible solutions or steps toward the a solution. Here are some of the ideas intended to show (not just tell) students that they can be independent:

· Job Fair

· Celebration stories

· Tustumena Hall of Fame

· Identify students and partner/mentors to make connections

Teachers- you next steps:

Identify students whom you believe would benefit from having another positive role model and what the likely deficit is in their life.

Submit those names to Doug for distribution.

Then the hard part, be part of the solution. Connect and encourage students to be contributing members of society.

This will be difficult for many reasons, not the least of which will be, the students may already be part of a family that, for whatever reason, is social dependent.



Above you will see links (part 1 and part 2) of an inexpensive film called “Cipher in the Snow. (20 total minutes)” The determining factor in the main character’s life was divorce but it could have been drugs, abuse, or any number of other factors. Who are the Ciphers in your class that may be becoming invisible? Or are they the other extreme, so visible that they can hide behind their behavior?

Our jobs are huge, but they are not going to get easier. You are the right people for the job.

What's the difference between a hero and a famous person?

These guys are heros.