Getting to Work

4th Graders On a Roll (A good one, Like High Quality Sushi)

Class Update

We are now in the full swing of things in room 165 and the kids, along with Mr. McKay, are really starting to figure out this whole 4th grade thing. We have gotten our routines and our procedures down and the Class Dojo points have been racking up! With us being settled we have been able to get a lot of work done these last couple of weeks.

Social Studies: We have transplanted ourselves to the Northeast Region by reading all about the Land and the Economy so far. The kids have been surprised by how large the Appellation Mountains are being that they stretch from Maine all the way to Georgia. They also were very excited to read about the Hershey's chocolate factory (the largest in the world) and many suggested that we take a class field trip! Here are some of our students partner reading about the Northeast!

Math and Language Arts

Math: We just completed our Chapter 2 test which was on some more addition and subtraction as well as relations signs, missing addends, and taking information from tables. We have also have had a large influx of Try-A-Tile packets turned in and our kids have been getting really pumped about them, asking for more time to work on them daily.

Reading: We are just about done with the book, Because of Mr. Terupt and the kids are loving every second of it. We just found out some more news about Mr. Terupt the last time we read and we are still left asking ourselves... Will Mr. Terupt be OK? While reading we have been looking for our Signposts in our reading which are spots where, as readers, we stop and think about why something is happening and how it changes what will happen next. These last few weeks we have also worked some on our Composition Notebooks, looking at 'What Authors Do' so we can develop our own craft while writing.

Yes, Mr. McKay did have a Birthday

Last week on Friday, Mr. McKay did in fact have a birthday and the kids did not let the day slip by. Thank you to all how sent gifts, balloons, candy,or cards; It was very nice and you really didn't need to! The kids have also been clamoring to see the pictures they took with me on my birthday so here they are!

At Home Resources

Here is a list of the resources that I will be having the kids work on throughout the year and if you would like them to do extra practice on something here is the resource and what it is normally used to help support:


Xtra Math- Fluency in our Math facts.

IXL- Work on specific topics we have covered.

Kahn Acadamey- Work on extra skills or things we haven't mastered yet.


Lexia- Phonics and Foundational Skills in Reading

RAZ Kids- On level books for kids to read and answer questions

Moby Max- Vocabulary, Nonfiction, and Literature Reading