The Iroquois tribe

By Penelope Munoz


What was the Iroquois tribe?The Iroquois tribe was one of the 6 other tribes in the united states.They are part of the Eastern Woodland Region. There tribe was in the northeast. They did a lot of work in their tribe. This article is going to tell you what the Iroquois tribe did in their land. And what they ate, their culture, and what happen once the European Settlers change everything for the Iroquois tribe.

Some of the pictures of the Iroquois tribe

Changes brought by European Settlers

There was changes brought by European Settlers for the Iroquois once the European Settlers came to their land.One of the things that has changed by European Settlers was the war.They did not have horses until the Europeans came. Horses are useful for moving around. They are also useful for heavy items to move.That is what the European Settlers change for the Iroquois tribe.

What did they eat?

The Iroquois ate food in their land.The Iroquois ate a lot of food and hunted for their food to survive in their land.They hunted and they ate bears,deer, beavers , rabbits , turtles, and game birds such as turkey and ducks. They farmed and they ate corn ,beans , and squash. As you might know ,they fished for seafood like fish. They collected berries and other fruit. They learn how to make syrup.They collected a lot of food for survival in the Eastern Woodland Region. So,they had a lot of food for their land they were in.

What was there culture like?

A lot of their people do their culture in their tribe.They do there culture in their tribe to tell their culture.Their culture in the Iroquois tribe connect to nature and to believe the woodland animals are there kindred spirit.

They had festivals and woman had power.They lived in the states cald Pennsylvania,

New York,Ohio, and Minnesota.They also like to dance. They played a game called snow snake The 6 Nations was formed in 1570.1570. Deerskins were made used to fashion skirts, leggings, breechcloths,skirts,leggings,breechcloths, and moccasins. Bevers fur was use to make robs,mittens and porcupine quills. And there games where violence and some of there games did let children have broken bones and injuries .That was there culture in their tribe.


The Iroquois tribe are one of the other tribes in the Eastern Woodland Region and this article told you what the Iroquois tribe was. And what they ate, culture and changes brought by European Setters.
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