Share and Win Promotion

Win Prizes for sharing essential oils with your friends.

How to Share:

Host 1 Class in March
Host 3 events by April 4,2014
Have 7 Total guests, These can be one on ones or Classes.
Enroll 2-8 people in your group. (Offer Diamond Club Incentives through Tricia Johnson)
Hand out 5 samples in a week and follow up, invite to classes or personal meeting.
Add a new Enrollee with a Natural Solutions kit or larger

Keep Track

Keep track of those you hand samples to and who are in your classes with drawing forms.
All names and numbers should be submitted with notes on what samples given and oils recommended. Classes need to be submitted same day or before class to count. The more you do the bigger the prizes. Each category wins a prize. Email all entry and submissions to


Your Upline is here to help. Tricia Johnson is in Diamond Club, a program to help build your business. I am willing to help with any classes or consults with you, to help you learn to educate others on how to change how they look at their healthcare.
Diamond Club Details

For any new enrollments, please call me, Tricia Johnson, to meet with them and offer them the free Oils for Diamond Club. I am glad to meet with any new enrollments and must process enrollments through me to get the free oils. 503-544-3871

Business Made Simple

Saturday, April 5th, 11pm

11411 Southwest Shrope Court

Tigard, OR

Learn how to grow your business
Prizes will be awarded


Soft Doterra Black 64 oil Carry case.
Emergency Oil key chain kit
Apron and cook book
Sharing Starter packs
First aid kit package
And more. Everyone can enter. Prizes will be shipped to out of town winners.