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September 12, 2013


We enjoyed sharing powerful pictures books about learning, listening, respect, and friendship as a class. Each story teaches an important lesson and connects our class as a community of readers. In addition, I'm striving to teach the children about Metacognition, thinking about your thinking. We made a "Reading Salad" as we read Thank You, Mr. Falker. Just like a tossed salad is a colorful mixture of lettuce and tomatoes, a reading salad is a colorful mixture of text + thinking. I'm inviting my readers to share what they are thinking.

The children also learned the expectations for developing their independent reading habits. We read our poem of the week, The Reader's Oath, reviewed the "Rules for Reading Right", and learned how to record our reading each night in their homework records.

Thank You

Thank you for sending the children to school with all their school supplies. They love using their new pencils, folders, scissors, and markers!

Thank you for your generous donations.

Thank you for your supportive and cheerful smiles at Back To School Night.

Thank you to Mrs. Deborah Cowhey for being our Homeroom Coordinator and Party Planner this year. Please kindly send in your envelopes for the party fund that she distributed at Back to School Night.

Thank you, most of all, for sharing your children with me. I hope they have a year of awesome academic progress and magical third grade memories to keep forever.

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Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders

Tomorrow is the final day to order from our September catalogs.

Class code: GTYMY