Chile's Earthquake

One million people evacuated after 8.3 magnitude earthquake

By: Shanna Hayward

Earthquakes create great distruction

The 8.3 earthquake that happened 54 kilometers west of Illapel, Chile. Within less than two hours, 12 aftershocks of magnitude 4.9 or higher began around the first quake's epicenter. The capital 230 kilometers away from the epicenter felt the rumble of these aftershocks. Since 1973, Chile has had more than a dozen earthquakes because of its location in the Ring of Fire.


This earthquake triggered tsunami waves of 15 feet high to hit the coast of Coquimbo, Chile. More than 95% of the cities power was lost due to the flooding . The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued tsunami watches for New Zealand, Peru and Hawaii.

How does this relate to this course?

This natural disaster is relevant to the Physical Geography course because we learn about the natural disasters that happen and how they contribute to human disasters. This natural disaster connects to both because of the natural disaster, in this case an earthquake that creates a tsunami. Then I related how this disaster relates to human disasters in which this event the human problems would be the loss of power, the lives lost and the damage to man-made creations (buildings, cars, roads etc.) because of this earthquake.