Food: Long Ago and Around the World

By: Averi Cochran

The Oldest Dish

Do you know that pancakes could possibly be the the first known dish on the menu? The basic recipe for pancakes (which is milk +eggs + flour) is the same everywhere, but the type flour changes from place to place. Flour for pancakes can be made from potatoes, maize, wheat, or oats.

Polish Food

Boiled potatoes (usually topped with milkweed), pierogi, golabki, paprika, kielbasas, huschikies, pitted prunes, & poppy seed cakes are some of the many delicous Polish dishes. (Pierogi are dough wrapped around meat, golabki are cabbage wrapped around meat, paprika are bell peppers stuffed with meat, kielbasas are basiclly just meat, and huschickey's are pasteries with an inflated crust).

What Do You Think?

Which delicous Polish dish should be in the picture box?

Go Green!

Every St. Patrick's Day, most people in Ireland dye their party food and drinks green. Usual Irish food is simple and hearty. Some of these Irish foods are potatoes, soda bread, Irish stew, and shepherd's pie.

All Hail the King or Queen!

On January 6th, French families enjoy a special dinner together. After everyone is done eating, the children get slices of a flat almond pie, called galette. In one of the slices a charm is hidden. Whoever pickes the slice with the charm is crowned the king or queen for the night.


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