Romanian Revolution

by Brandon Mangum

Background Information

  • The Romanian Revolution was caused by many events over the course of almost forty years
  • The main issue was involved with the leader Nicolae Ceauşescu of the communist party
  • He started caring less about his country and more about a life of wealth
  • During the 1980s when it happened the citizens of Romania were currently going through a economic depression
  • People felt that it felt that it was unfair
Romanian revolution 1989

The Protest

  • People gathered together and formed a large rally
  • Protesters rode around on vehicles
  • Others went on strike
  • The protest started in Timișoara
  • It eventually spread throughout the entire country

What Happened After?

  • Nicolae Ceauşescu tried to escape on a helicopter with his wife after the people protesting became angered
  • He was eventually captured and taken back
  • They executed Ceauşescu an his wife on December 25, 1989
  • The Communist party was outlawed on January 12, 1990
  • After these took place a two chamber parliament was established
  • Members were elected to four-year terms

How Did Citizens Feel?

  • Citizens felt that it was their right to change the country
  • They didn't like how it was being ruled so they fought back
  • In the end the citizens fulfilled their belief of having a fair government by changing it