News From Slackwood

June 12, 2015

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 16 - Author Program for 3rd Grade with Darlene

Wednesday, June 17 - Switch Day - Students move up a grade for 1 Pd. - 3rds go back to K

Thursday, June 18 - Moving Up Ceremony for 3rd Grade - 9:30

Friday, June 19 - 3rd Grade Trip to Pump It Up

Lot's Of Fun at Family Fun Day

The weather held out and the ponies came and everyone had a great time at Family Fun Day on June 6. Although there was a threat of rain, we only had a little and for the most part, it was a great day. Kids and their siblings participated in games and activities and the entire event ended with the basket raffle. Everyone had so much fun and out the parents made out with some really great things from the basket raffle. Thanks to the PTO for another great day at Slackwood
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Be Looking For Summer Reading Information

We will be sending home more information about summer reading and different programs over the next week and a half. We haven't decided on which day we will have our summer reading kick-off, but it will be coming. All students, grades K-2 will receive 12 books that they can keep. These books are books of their choosing. We do this because we believe in the research that says when students have readily accessible books of their own choosing they are less likely to suffer from the "Summer Slide". The Summer Slide is a loss of academic skills due to not practicing and an inconsistency of summer academic activities.
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About Slackwood Elementary School

Slackwood's original structure was built in 1904. This is the 110th year that we have opened school here in our little neighborhood. At the present time, we have three classes for each grade level, K-3, and two special education classrooms.