Causes Of WWII

Events Leading Up To the War

Rise of Totalitarian Regimes

Countries on the other side of the world were falling to Totalitarian dictators. These dictators would try and emphasize the need to be completely loyal to the government, and controlled people with terrors and secret police. They would censor all of the media to keep any bad information from reaching their people. A great example of one would be Nazi Hitler. He gained his power by promising Germany food on their tables and money in their pockets if he became leader. Once leader, he used a lot of money towards building up German war materials which was breaking a treaty Germany had made earlier on. Once Hitler had his war materials and secret police ready and in place, he began promoting his idea of German's as the perfect race.

German U-Boats In the Atlantic

Germans kept armed submarines throughout the ocean because they used the u-boats to attack & destroy any and all allied supply ships. Men feared the u-boats, and for good reason. By the end of the war the u-boats had taken down 875 ships.

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

In a single day in hundreds of Japanese bomber planes dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor, an American naval base. 2,000 of the men died in the bombing and 1,000 of them were injured. Three days later, the Japanese and Germans declare war on the United States.

Cash and Carry Policy

U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt created the Cash and Carry Policy in 1939 after war broke out in Europe. The Cash and Carry Policy said that if other countries were to purchase war materials from the United States, they had to transport it on their own and pay the full price up front.

The Lend and Lease Act

Put in place by president Roosevelt in 1941. It allowed food, oil and supplies to be brought over to the other Allied nations. These supplies even consisted of war planes, warships, ect.