...then i met my sister

Author: Christine Hurley Deriso

Main Characters

  • Summer-Senior at Chapel Heights High School, main character
  • Gibs- Bestfriend, and (becomes) boyfriend of Summer, Senior at Chapel Heights
  • Shannon- Dead sister of Summer

August 18,2011

I just got my schedule today! And I start my senior year tomorrow. Which is the last thing my sister Shannon ever did. I've always lived in my sister's shadow, with grades and awards. But I finished her journal a few days ago and I feel closer to her than ever. I never knew my sister went through all of that, and mostly alone. My mom was a completely a different person before I was born and my dad isn't as goody two shoes as I thought he was. All these things I wouldn't have ever known without Shannon's journal. The words I WANT TO KILL MYSELF still haunts me.
So what was really going on with Shannon before she died?