Here is a simple diagram showing how to set up a wireless internet connection

The first thing you need to do is to plug your modem into your phone line along with your phone. After you have done that you need to plug your modem in to your router or hub.

now you have set up the hardware you need to connect your laptop or pc to the internet and this is how to do it,.

when you are on your computer at the bottojm right corner of your scrren there will be ome little icons you need to click on the one with the little bar that have a red x on them. after that it will come up with all of the wirless connections in your area, you need to look on the back of your hub and wind the wireless key and type it in to your computer and then you are set to use the ternet.


Trouble shooting is where your pc will shearch for problems that are stoping it from doing a selected task. if you are having trouble connecting to the internet i recomend checking back over your equipment or check you have entered or ip address correctly if it still does not work call a proffesional.