Poetry book

By Alice


I am a clock

I move my hands

I can only count to twelve

my three hands go real slow

my hands make sounds

I have little lines that my hands go to

I am a clock




energetic athletic

flipping tumbling balance

must believe in yourself



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there was a boy

his name was Roy

he had a bed

that he named Fred

and a toy for the boy


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color poem

green is the color of a turtle

green is a granny smith apple

green smells like fresh cut grass

green tastes like mint

green sounds like leaves blowing

green looks like leaves

green feels like the stem of a flower

green makes me think of green peppers

green is my bedroom walls


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waving in the wind

the leaves falling off

thats the big tree


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blaze on poem

my eyes are as big as a walnut

my hair as curly as a snake

my heart as red as an apple

my skin as soft as a whale

my hands as fast as a monkey

my arms as long as vines

I am stronger then a gorilla

and faster then a cheetah

I am smaller than a elephant

my nails longer than a lions teeth


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makes me think of

blankets make me think of snow

snow makes me think of white

white makes me think of marsh mellows

marsh mellows make me think of smore

smore makes me think of fire

fire makes me think of warmth

warmth makes me think of blankets


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ode poem

Ode to my hands

I love you hands

you help me grab things

you help me in gymnastics

in school you help me write

oh how i love you hands


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Exageration poem

The talking tree

once I walked up to a tree

the tree said hi and gave me an apple

the tree and I had a long chat

then the tree and I went on a walk

when we got back we took a nap

when I left the tree yelled back

good by my friend then I said

see you later alligator

the tree got walked to me

gave me a hug and I gave him one back

that's the end of me and the tree


Acrostic poem

Round offs

Osega gymnastics

Summer saults

Enthusiastic about gymnastics


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by Alice

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