People from the colony

By Jada Sheets

Most landholders lived in the southern plantation in large houses with fabulous clothes ,furniture from china. They had dances and balls. They relied on African Americans for food . girls went to school at 12 or 13 .The planter and his wife had the responsible for medical care for workers and family mebers


Women often get married at the age 14. The husband owned everything the girl owned. The women could not owned the property or business.They cooked vegetables and fruit then put them in jars for the winter.They stir the milk and butter to make candles sticks for the night.They did not most of the time work outside but that what the men do.The women were the doctor of there family because there was not much doctors in the colony.If you were the landholders daughter then you had great education and reading skills.The women's job when the men were at work they cooked ,cleaned,sewed ,and knitted clothes.


They worked on small farms like the picture below......They sold there crops at the markets some farmers got just enough of money for there family.They had animals like horses,pigs,cows and chickens too. So they sold milk ,eggs,and meat for money and kept some food for the family.
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The Artisans had skills to be craft workers in colony's. there was blacksmiths,carpenters , silversmith, and brick smiths and there was soap makers,shoemakers clock-makers and printers in the store where people shop. who ever wanted to be servants or workers u were NOT taught in school.Girls did not want those jobs boys 14 had get a job .The bad thing is you could not vote for 4 years.

African Americans

African Americans they were slaves did not have no right that means no voting and having freedom like everyone else.They had to work in the fields at the boss who bought the slave and they planted and picked the three sisters and tobacco . They sold kids, women and men African Americans seapret so to see a person pick out an kid from its mother would be heartbroken.They lived in tiny houses look below there's an house what the African Americans lived in one or two family's lived in there.They kidnap the African Americans then sold them they were not treated well.At the age of 10 children started working with the grown ups. If they did not do there work then they got wiped with a wiper.

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