Industrial engineer

Dominick Hovde science 4 hour

A day in a life of an industrial engineer

Industrial engineers study how businesses and industries can use their personnel, equipment, office, and factory space and materials more efficiently to help save time, money, and resources. They study the ways that people work at each job in the company and study the standards for production. Using this information, they decide how each situation can be changed to help the company save time and money. Industrial engineers often use computers to help them manage the data on the diverse problems that they are studying.

Some useful skills you should have and classes you should take

Some useful skills you should have are. You should be good at sketching and writing net diagrams of the product that you are redesigning. You should be abil to creatively and critically think to repurpose something or come up with something totally new.

Som classes you should take are.

High school:

Calculus, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, Technical Writing, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra.


Bachelors degree in Industrial system and engineering

College fees

College: UW Manitowoc

Per year


In state: 2,375.16

Out of state: 5,867.04

Class fees:178.91

Food: 5,200


Clothing: 1,000

Total for a year: 7978.91

Total for 4 years: 31,915.64

Total with tuition 4 years: 41,416.28


Are you good at looking at grafs and work habits and modifying them to be more efficient. Then this is the job for you with 23 dollars an hour on startup. Some other useful traits are being creative and work well with others.

Pros and cons


Good money

Work with people

Being creative


Work with people

Weird hours