Latin Flare Hybrid Peppers

By: Nate

Latin Flare Hybrid information

Start indoors in a good lighted area about 8 weeks before planting outside. Sow seed 1/4" deep into individual containers filled with seed starting formula. Keep it moist. Seedling emerge within 10-21 days at 75-80 degrees. Before transplanting, move to a sheltered area outside for a week. You can eat your pepper(s) when finished.
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Parts of a plant and it's functions.

Roots = They keep the plant up so it doesn't fall over easily and it gathers the nutrients and water from the soil.

Stems = They bring up the water and nutrients etc to the leaves and the flower also it helps keep up the flower.

True Leaves = They are the leaves after seed leaves and they are like the mature leaves.

Seed Leaves = They are the first leaves from the seed like the kid leaves.

Petals = They are the leaves from the flower and they are where the bees and other creatures bring the pollin to.

Stamen = They store the pollin.

Pistils = They attract the bees and keep the pollin.

Life Cycle of a Plant

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Pictures of the Stages of a Plant


The plant usually reproduces before death so they can make more plants for oxygen
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Mature Plant

The mature plant is like the plant when it is older and has past germination and are ready to get your flower or plant etc.
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This is the saddest part. The plant finally dies but some plants reproduced to can get more.
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Stages of a Plant


Growth and development



Explainition of photosynthesis

Photo means light and synthesis also means put together so add those together.