TRiO UB News Soe Update

Free app for you all, accept Isaac the RM...Just joking

Reasoning...Apple stinks, only work on Android!!!

I created these apps for you all to play and I am hoping to create more. Currently, I'm so bad at it but I'm still giving it a try. You won't regret it. You just have to scan it or snap it using a barcode scanner, just to get it. The app is free so get it before someone charges you for it (not me). You can create your own app as well. You just have to go online and go to App Inventor 2. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!

Thank you

ok here we go

I just want to thank everyone for the best summer ever in this year's summer program, and I hope to see you guys again sometime later. It is all possible because of the TRiO UB program! I'm SOE grateful for what they have done for me!! SOE keep up the good work TRiO program and ROCK ON!! You have my thanks!

"Patience is the key in life, However never let the chance pass by"



What would you like to know about us?


email me or call my number..for more information. OH AND GOOD LUCK CONTACTING ME!!!