Vance Library Newsletter

Spring 2020

As we navigate the world of virtual learning, I am continuing to add links to the Vance Media Center webpage . My goal is to highlight a few resources that are both worthwhile and easy to use (no usernames and passwords required!). Here are a few favorites:

Partnership with Buncombe County Public Libraries

All ACS students can now access the public library with their PowerSchool number! (This is also their lunch number.) Even though the physical libraries are closed, students can access ebooks and audiobooks through BCPL's digital collection. Janna Hoekema, the media coordinator at Hall Fletcher, created a how-to video here:

Distance Reading Bingo

Many Vance students have enjoyed participating in the library's Reading Bingo program. Here is a bingo card for any students who are interested in participating during virtual learning. Can you fill up the whole card? (No printer? No problem! Just write down the titles you read on a sheet of paper and have an adult sign it.) Any students who bring back completed cards will get to choose a free book from the library when we get back to school!

A few more resources...

Stay well! I look forward to seeing you soon.