Smart Goals


Our Local Community Field Trips

This school year I wanted to do something a little different with my Smart Goal. I was on a new adventure working a different position. With no clue as to a Smart Goal, a suggestion was brought up to me about Field Trips. I will be the first to admit, field trips are not my favorite. With the range of needs in our VAAP room going to far anywhere intimidated me. But, the longer I thought about it my mind changed. We don't have to go far. Our own Crozet community is my favorite and has much to offer. Now, I was excited to share Crozet Elementary's VAAP friends with Crozet the community.

Chiles Orchard in Crozet on Jarmens Gap Rd.

Chiles Orchard, is a local, family owned business. They offer strawberry, apple and pumpkin picking along with tractor rides. The class had a great time picking (and eating) the apples.

Crozet Post Office

The Crozet Post Office was a nice , short walk where we learned about how letters and packages are processed. The employees are very nice and patient.

Sal's Pizza

Sal's Pizza has been localy owned and operated in Crozet for 20 plus years.

The kids learned how to make pizza the Sal's way from Mrs. Tiz.


The SPCA was one of the field trips that came to us! They brought us a service dog and explained how important they are for our community.
I must admit that I had a great time planning the field trips. But, going on the field trips and watching the kids engaged with the community was priceless.