Journal Entry #8

The Great Gatsby

Chapter 8, Pages: 147-162

chapter summary--

Nick has a talk with Gatsby about his previous night spent over at Daisy's, waiting and nothing ever happening and then Nick ends up hearing more about Gatsby, hearing about him and Daisy. During the story, the gardener interrupts saying that the pool needs drained, but Gatsby says wait another day, for he hasn't used it all summer, then later Nick leaves for work. While at work, he's too distracted and which we learn about Georges feelings from Michaelis, George's neighbor. During which he has people stay with George, feeling he shouldn't be alone, and one time George slips out and heads over to Gatsby's and finds him in his pool and which in fires his gun and shoots and kills him, then shoots himself. Nick is the one to find Gatsby floating in his pool.

Jay Gatsby(Jimmy Gatz)


-Self made man

-Blinded from reality

-He's focused on getting what he wants

-Only really wants one thing, Daisy

-Mysterious background

-Close friends with Nick

-Lives in West Egg in a huge mansion, across from Daisy's house

-Rich, but still isn't happy

-Has parties, hoping to attract Daisy

-Gets furious fast when it comes to his love for Daisy

-Tries to repeat the past, to get things with him and Daisy as they were before; delusional

character summary

Although it may portray him in a crazy and delusional, in some ways he's "normal" just wants one thing love, and doing, what he thinks, what is necessary to get what he wants. Gatsby is a self made man, from the help of elders in his life, he has mad himself into something he has worked hard for, prepared himself for, he has money, but one thing he doesn't have, the love, Daisy. He goes against all odds to try and get her, although she is married and claimed to be in love with both, but in the end she sticks with Tom. Sadly, everything Gatsby aimed for, failed, he met his maker by taking the fall for something he didn't do, killing Myrtle, so when George learned of this he went to kill Gatsby's and murdered him in his pool. In the end, it's learned, that Gatsby really had no real friends or anybody really that actually cared for him, for only few came to his funeral.


"Of course she might have loved him just for a minute, when they were first married--and loved me more even then, do you see?"(152)

-Gatsby here, tells Nick about Daisy's love, thinking he knows how she might feel. He is holding on to hope, that really isn't there; still in a trance, unwilling to accept the truth.