Luther Vandross R&B/Soul smore

by Aaron Dallas

characteristics of Rhythm and blues

-started in the 1940's a genre of African-American music

-used as a blanket term for soul and funk

-lyrics focus mostly on failures in life, whether relationship related, friendships, and more

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history of Luther Vandross

-Was born on April 20th, 1951

-when he was in high school he began to take a interest into R&B and in 1972 his song "everybody rejoice" was used in the play called 'the wiz"

-soon after his music was used he started to record commercial jingles and helped out popular artists at the the time with backup voclas like David Bowie, Bette Midler, and Barbara Streisand

-1981 he signed a contract with epic and made his debut album "never too much" that sold over a million copies

all through the 1980's he partnered with several popular pop artists like Aretha Franklin

-he didn't become a pop success himself until the 1990's and in 1991 he received his first Grammy award for "here and now" two for co-writing "power of love" the next year, and the 4th in 1997 for "your secret love"

-also made the top ten remake "endless love" with Mariah Carey and "endless christmas in 1996 and "i know" in 1998

he suffered from stroke in 2003 and appeared through video at the grammies in 2004 to collect 4 awards for his very last album "dance with my father" that included song of the year

he died on July 1st 2005

top songs

-"here and now" (1989)

-"never too much" (1981)

-"always and forever" (1994)

-"so amazing" (1986)

top albums

-"busy body" (1983)

-"the night i fell in love" (1985)

-"power of love" (1991)

SHMRG- never too much

S-piano, main vocals, keyboard, backup vocals, bass, drum set. main vocals,

H-piano, keyboard, drum set, bass

M-Main vocals

R-soft in 4

G- soft-moderate-soft


intro, verse 1, verse 2, chorus, bridge. verse 3. verse 4, interlude, outro