Saint Francis' Satyr Butterfly

An endangered species found only in North Carolina

The Saint Francis' Satyr Butterfly

Commonly known as the Saint Francis butterfly, the scientific name of this species is Neonympha Mitchellii Francisci. It was discovered in 1983 and only lives in two counties in North Carolina.


The Saint Francis' Satyr only lives in Cumberland and Hoke counties in the North Carolina sandhills.
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Why is the Saint Francis' butterfly in danger of extinction?

What is being done to protect the Saint Francis' Satyr butterfly?

The answer: not much.

The Saint Francis' Satyr population is in such a small area that only a handful of people know about it. However, the butterflies are protected because they live on Fort Bragg, which is usually protected from habitat loss. This has not stopped the Saint Francis' Satyr from becoming one of the rarest species of butterflies in the world, however, and the butterflies that were once common are now all but extinct.