Wayne Williams

The Atlanta child murder


Wayne Bertram Williams was born May 27,1958 in Atlanta Georgia, raised in Dixie Hills, both of his parents were teachers and when he graduated from Douglas High School he became a owner of a radio station.


Williams did not go to college because his parents did not have enough money and because he was more into music

Significant Events

On the day of October 21,1979 the New York Women Marathon won by Grete Walz and prices were very low like milk only cost a $1.69 but killers like him were still around very hidden but dangerous to society.
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For 3 years from 1979 to 1981, children were going missing who all who all were killed, dead bodies were found except for one. Like one little girl named Latoya Wilson a 7 year old girl who was taken from her own bedroom late at night, Wayne some how got the girl past her brother and sister who was sleep and they found her dead body 4 months later.

Wayne Williams violently attacked these children, for a while the police blamed the Ku Klux Klan(KKK) for these missing children but they later found out it was the doing of Wayne Bertram Williams.

They found out later that he raped and abused these children.


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When they found a little bot he dumped on the side of the river they ran test on the boy on they found the DNA of Wayne Bertram Williams. When the police questioned Wayne they discovered he put new carpeting in the places he killed people
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After years and years finally on June 21,1981 the police arrested Williams to be held without bail.

He was responsible for 23 child murders and 2 murders of 2 grown men .

Williams was sentenced to 2 life-terms in jail on February 27,1982.


Wayne Bertram Williams is still alive in Hancock State Prison and he will not be executed!
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