Bridges Update


Noetic Math Contest

Students will be participating this week in the Noetic Math Contest. The Noetic Learning Math Contest is a biannual math challenge for elementary students. The goal of the competition is to encourage young students' interest in math, to develop their problem solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in math.

During the contest, students are given 45 minutes to solve 20 problems that can cover a broad range of mathematics skills taught in school, including:

  • Computation and number properties
  • Pattern and algebra
  • Geometry and measurement
  • Probability and statistics

WordMasters Challenge

Students grades 2-5 will be competing in the WordMasters Challenge. I will be preparing students for this challenge during November and early December for our first meet. There will be three WordMasters Challenge Meets during the year. My goals for this opportunity are to

* Expand their vocabulary

* Develop verbal reasoning skills, and

* Most importantly, have fun!

What is the WordMasters Challenge™?

The WordMasters Challenge™ is a national competition for students in grades 3-8 that encourages growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning. Each year, nearly 250,000 students from some of the best public and private schools throughout the United States participate in the WordMasters Challenge.

Unlike other language arts competitions for this age group – which focus on grammar, punctuation, spelling and other language mechanics – the WordMasters Challenge™ helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically. The contest addresses higher-level word comprehension and verbal reasoning in two ways:

  • It challenges students to complete analogies based on relationships among words they have learned.
  • It bases the analogies on special vocabulary lists, developed for each grade and difficulty level by experienced teachers, which participants are encouraged to study before each meet.

Excellence in the competition will require both a mastery of the meanings of the vocabulary words (of a difficulty appropriate to each grade level) and thoughtful reasoning about the relationships between these words and more familiar language used in the competition’s analogies. Click here to see some sample test analogies at each grade level from our Blue Division Challenge as well as our demanding Gold Division Challenge.

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