Tub Cleaning/Sanitizing Equipments

Oscar Cheng @ Tony Morras


May 31st, 2016

June 2nd, 2016

Time of Demo

@ 1:00 pm

Description of Activity

Tub cleaning and sanitizing equipments require steady hands because you have to make sure that the tub is well cleaned and make sure you get all of the skin off of the equipments. Also, while you are sanitizing the equipments you don't want to hurt because some of the equipments are pretty sharp. This demonstration contains specific steps to ensure tubs and equipments are all cleaned before someone uses it. I will walk you through all the steps you need to follow to clean the tubs and equipments.


I have chosen to show you how to clean the tubs and sanitize the equipments because it is very important to have a cleaned tub and equipments that's already sanitized ready for the next client. Also, tub cleaning and sanitizing equipments is very important to my daily routine. i spend most of my time cleaning the tubs and equipments everyday.

Details of the Activity

Cleaning the tub

1. put on latex gloves

2. get the brush and tub cleaner (yellow bottle)

3. put a bit of water in the tub

4. spray the tub cleaner all over the tub

5. use the brush to scrub the surface of the tub

6. turn on the water and rinse the tub

7. use a towel and dry the brush

8. put the brush and tub cleaner back to its place

Sanitizing the Equipments

1. put on latex gloves

2. bring the equipments into the room in the back

3. put it in the sink and rinse it

4. dry it

5. put it in the alcohol (leave it for 10-15 minutes)

6. take it out and dry it with a towel

7. package it in the sanitary bag