How it all started

By Noah Reuscher

The first day

We were on the mountain of papal city riding our bikes and then we heard it. The sirens went off and on my dads Apple watch started buzzing and went to the news. The news caster was yelling that their was an outbreak and we had to find shelter from a new species other wise known as zombies.
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Finding our savior.

We were making our way down the mountain to the village but we encountered other people making their way up the mountain. We kept going down and got to the shore. Their was this bright green martial that I saw and pointed out. I picked one up and looked closer at it. It was an egg like shape and I once I pulled it looked to be armed and I threw it at a zombie coming in the other direction. It exploded on impact.

Our invention

I took five bucket loads of that rock to the nearby hospital and we found a way to merge it with a spear to make it slide through them easier and faster. We also developed a launcher that made the rock into reusable grenades and they will stick to the nearest zombie.