Merchandiser recap

Christmas Edition

We wanted to share something special that happened in Grimsby this Christmas season... spread the love :)

Tim Hortons #WarmWishes | The Cup of Good Deeds

From the desk of Lorri


I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to say “ Thank you “ for such a successful year ! Each and every one of you are such a vital part of the team . I couldn’t be more proud then I am right now as I reflect on the past year and look forward to another year beginning.

All the best to you over this holiday season and a very Happy New Year to you and your families!

xoxo Lorri

D.D.D Meat focus

Please continue to be Discrete and Diligent with the Deli meat. It is very important to maintain your focus on the deli meat and report any issues to Lorri (c.c. Sherri and Jayde). When in the stores, please make sure that you check the deli department first and send an email describing the issue to Lorri. Include how many packages are effected and the best before date as well. Let Lorri know if there is an damage to the seal as well.

Thank you ladies!

Continue with the dollar off stickers on the Walmart spuntini packages

Please continue to make stickering the spuntini packages with a $1.00 off coupon. This is a priority right now. New coupons for the spuntini will be coming soon in the New Year!

New $.50 cent stickers for the 100g deli meat

You will be receiving $0.50 stickers for the new imported deli meat. The first week of January, please put these coupons on ALL 100g deli meat in all banners excluding Walmart. Please ensure that you are only using them for the 100g deli meat in the store.

Turkey Frozen Slack sausages No Frills West & East

There will be a price increase to $7.00 on the frozen slack turkey sausages. You will be receiving $7 stickers in your box, please place this sticker on the frozen slack turkey packages :)

Big image

Price drop off the walmart roasts

There will be a price drop on the Walmart steakhouse select roasts from 15.00 to 12.00.

In the new year, some roasts may come without a price tag. This will be during our transition to the new price drop.

Coming soon to Foodbasics Ontario

The $10.00 frozen sausage combo package is coming to a Foodbasics near you soon! We just received the word that Foodbasics will be carrying our delicious sausage combo pack in their $10.00 frozen line up. This is great news.

The order number for this product is 28962803. Please add it to your master list.

Reminder of delists: Foodbasics Ontario

Sadly, the Marc Angelo fresh meatballs will be delisted from Foodbasics stores. Please make sure you make a note of this on your master list.

Foodbasics and Metro Ontario (Delisted)

The frozen turkey sausage burgers will be seasonally delisted from Metro and Foodbasics. Please make the change on your master list.

Aki's Grill packaging change

We are in the process of changing the packaging for Aki's grill to make the label lower and using smaller trays. Thank you for some of you who suggested that the product tray needed to change in order for our product to display better. Great Job!

New items coming to Federated Co-op and Calgary Co-op January 4th!

Merchandisers of the west! Please make note the both Federated and Calgary co-op will be able to order the following on January 4th 2016:

  • Central Park Deli Hot Dogs - Frozen
  • MA Chicken Sausage-Frozen
  • MA Chicken Meatballs Frozen
  • MA Pork Sausage Burgers
  • MA Pork Souvlaki Frozen Bag
  • MA Original Breakfast Pork Sausages

Do not be alarmed by the picture below...

The picture above may look like an empty counter; however, it is actually a picture of how our From Our Chefs roasts are flying off of the shelf! Julie had her store bring in the From Our Chef's line up and they haven't had a full counter since. She is working with her managers to increase their order because it has been selling well! Great job Julie! That's the merchandising difference.
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Big image