By Koalton Snoe

Australia Facts

Brisbane is my dream vacation. Australia is located near the pacific ocean in the eastern southern hemisphere. I would like to visit Australia cause it seems like a very sunny place. The environment is what makes Australia a great country, it is also very wealthy so food and electronics and some of the buildings can be very fascinating. Australia is also the 6th largest country in the world, which is pretty large for how many countries there are. It is the only country to have 20 million people in the world. 80 percent of people believe Australia has a strong culture


Since I live in North America, it would about 21 or 24 hours to get to Australia considering that the distance between both is 8,849 miles. I would take some of my friends and some of my family so they can experience what Australia is like too. We would go there by plane which is probably the fastest way to get there, and the faster we get there the longer the month will be.


as of any sort of vacation we need a place to stay, like a hotel. We will be staying at Adina apartment hotel in brisbane. The stay will be $91 per night and has a rating of 4.0 stars the place has great service, and is near a nice location. We will be packing clothes some electronics and maybe some of our own food but maybe not.


plane ticket:$ 1744

hotel:$ 91 per night

spending money: $8000

food:$ 242

gas: $96

Total: $4827

Money left: 3173


There are many activities to do in Australia, but i would like to hike. Hiking seems like a good idea for Australia because there are many animals in the wilderness of the country like kangaroos koalas wallabies and many more. There are many things to do in Australia like movies, parks, swimming, tours, and many MANY more.
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